We've seen historic levels of volatility in the markets so far in 2020. Many people have seen the value of their portfolio fall considerably and some of us are feeling anxious.

Although we can't control this situation, we can control how we react to it. And the classic principle applies; the best time to invest is when others are fearful. While this is a disastrous time for some companies and funds, it's an opportunity for others and the people who invest in them.

At Genuine Impact, we enable you to take the emotion out of investing and make informed, confident decisions.

To ensure that everyone is able to access our service while it's most needed, we're reducing the price of our subscriptions.

Before 1st July 2020, the prices will be:

  • £9.99 per year for annual subscriptions
  • £1.99 per month for monthly subscriptions

And if you subscribe now then you'll keep this price for life, unless you cancel.

It's easy to subscribe, just head to the subscription section in your profile:

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